Your own

There is one source that you can always trust, your heart. Man will lie and even your mind will compromise to find the path of least resistance, but your heart never will betray what your soul truly feels. And your soul has no stake in this brief reality. Your soul is invested in eternity, and pierces this realm through your heart. The pains, the joy, the truth all comes from behind the mask of this life. What is your soul telling you today? How long has it been whispering these things to you? How long have you been ignoring your own personal truth professed to you by you? What have you gained and what personal truths await for you to realize as soon as you allow your soul to guide you? Today shake off all the things that have shaped you and allow your soul to speak clearly to you without the filter and judgment of life. What is it telling you? Will you listen?


First contact

I hope that this blog is a way for people to connect to a universal thought of each other. A place with a message that reaches to the core of each of us regardless of who we are. And once there, in our core, I want the message to pull the compassion in our souls to the surface. To pull the love from our soul to the surface. And give us the power to share that vulnerable and complete love from the innermost parts of our soul with each other. To genuinely change ourselves to change the world. I would like this page to bring that message. And if that I desire to create this change, then I must start with the change in myself. My soul must be first. I must love unconditionally from the depth of my soul, something that I fear more than anything else in the world, but must do to create the world that I desire most more than anything else in this existence. I am afraid, but I am convicted. I start with these words. I take a step forward with every sentence and I ask that you come with me. I am ready to do what I fear most to achieve the world I desire most. Are you? Help me. I can only change myself. I need you. You are a piece that we must have to reach this goal. Change with me. Step forward and leave the world behind that you know today, and walk towards the world that you wish was tomorrow.